Article I – Name
The name of this association shall be the NEW ENGLAND RAILROAD CLUB.

Article II – Objectives
The objectives of this Club shall be the promotion of knowledge on all matters related to the construction, maintenance, operation, and management of railroads and the associated tools, materials, services, and equipment necessary to accomplish these functions and to bring same before the Club for consideration and discussion, and to encourage social interchange among its members.

Article III – Membership
The membership of this Club shall consist of persons associated with the construction, operation, maintenance, or management of railroads, railways, or rail transit systems, including related equipment, tools, materials, and services; of graduate and professional engineers; and of students of engineering in engineering colleges. Applicants for membership may be admitted by a majority vote of the Executive Committee, and the payment of the initiation fee and the annual assessment.

Any member may be expelled by a two-thirds vote of the members present at any regular meeting upon the recommendation, made by the majority vote of the Executive Committee, that the best interests of the Club may be served thereby.

Article IV – Officers
The Officers of this Club shall consist of:
A President, who shall preside at all meetings of the Club and perform the duties usually pertaining to the presiding officer. He shall also be a member and chairman of both the Executive and Finance Committees, and shall approve all bills before payment. He shall not be eligible for two consecutive terms.

A Vice-President, who shall in the absence of the President perform all the duties required of that officer.

A Secretary, who shall keep a record of the proceedings of the Club; notify all officers of their election and committees of their appointment; issue notifications whenever directed by the President; collect all dues, depositing same with the Treasurer.

A Treasurer, whose duty it shall be to receive all funds, pay all bills when approved by the President or the Secretary, and submit his accounts to the Club at the annual meeting, or more often if required.

Article V – Executive Committee
An Executive Committee, consisting of seventeen members (including the President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and the three preceding past Presidents), shall be elected at each annual meeting and serve for one year, or until their successors shall have been elected, whose duties shall be to receive all subjects for debate and bring them before the Club at such times as they may judge most beneficial for their discussion. They shall also vote on all applications for membership, and shall act upon all matters properly referred to them. A quorum shall consist of three present and voting.

Article VI – Finance Committee
A Finance Committee, consisting of five members (including the President) shall be elected at each annual meeting, whose duties shall be to have a general supervision of the financial affairs of the Club and to audit the books and accounts of the Secretary and Treasurer.

Article VII – Subjects Committee
A standing committee on Subjects, consisting of ten members, exclusive of officers and members of the Executive and Finance Committees, shall be appointed by the President, the membership to represent, as far as possible, the different branches of railroad service, and the term of office to end with the annual meeting.

This committee to be called together by the Secretary, at the request of the President, and present to the Executive Committee a list of subjects for discussion. The Secretary of the Club shall, without voice, act as secretary of this Committee.

Article VIII – Membership Committee
The President at the annual meeting shall appoint a Committee for Membership, to whom all applications shall be referred, and who shall report to the Executive Committee their recommendations.

This committee shall consist of five members, of which the Vice President shall act as chairman and at least one each shall be a member of the Executive and Finance Committees. Three members shall constitute a quorum.

Article IX – Publication Committee
The President, at the annual meeting, shall appoint a Publication Committee, consisting of the President, Secretary, Finance Committee and one other member, which shall have entire charge of the publication of the Club’s proceedings and exchange of same with other clubs.

Article X – Nominating Committee
At the meeting preceding the annual meeting, a Nominating Committee of five shall be appointed by the President, who shall present at the annual meeting a list of names for each office to be filled; and the nominee receiving the highest number of votes for each office shall be declared elected.

Article XI – Election of Officers
The Club’s annual meeting and election of officers will be held immediately following the Annual Executive and Finance Committee meeting. The officers of the Club (except the Secretary) shall be elected by a majority ballot at the annual meeting, and shall hold their respective offices for the term of one year, or until their successors are chosen.

The Secretary shall be appointed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee at the annual meeting of the Executive Committee and their term of office shall terminate with the appointment of their successor. The Executive Committee shall have power, by a two-thirds vote of all its members, to remove the Secretary and appoint his successor at any time.

The salary of the Secretary shall be decided upon by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Any vacancy in office which may occur after the annual election may be filled at any regular meeting of the Club per the provisions of Article V.

Article XII – Amendments
This Constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of the Club by a vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting, said amendments having been proposed in writing and read at a previous regular meeting.


Article I – Time of Meeting
The Club shall meet in the dates designated by a majority of the Executive Committee. Club meetings are not held on holidays or election days.

The annual meeting shall be held on the first regular meeting following April 1st. The business year will run from April 1st to March 31st.

The President may call special meetings at such other times as he may deem expedient, and shall do so upon the written request of at least twenty-five members.

Article II – Quorum
At any regular or special meeting, twenty-five members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.

Article III – Presiding Officer
In the absence of both the President and Vice-President, the presiding officer shall be the Executive Committee member senior in service at the present meeting.

Article IV – Dues
The initiation fee, including the first year’s dues up to April 1st, shall be prescribed by a majority vote of the Executive Committee with two-thirds of the membership present and voting. The annual dues shall be voted as above and are payable in advance of the first day of April each year. Dues for retired members shall be one-half of the regular members dues. Members whose dues remain unpaid on October 31st shall forfeit membership and all rights and privileges of the Club. Nothing in the provisions of this article shall prevent delinquent members from making new application; and said
application shall be subject to the same action as in the case of application of new members.

Article V – Order of Business
The order of business shall be as follows:
1. Approval of the minutes.
2. Reports of committees.
3. Unfinished business.
4. New business.
5. Election of officers.
6. Appointment of committees.
7. Discussion of subject announced.
8. Announcements.
9. Adjournment.

Article VI – Publications
The proceedings or such portion thereof as the Executive Committee shall decide, of the regular meetings of the Club, shall be published and mailed to the members of the Club and to members of other similar clubs with whom exchange is made.

The Constitution and By-Laws shall be printed and furnished to all members of the Club and to new members. Amendments shall be issued to all members as revision sheets.

The Club shall publish annually, a list of the officers and the members of the Club.

Article VII – Amendments
These By-Laws, or any of them, may be suspended or amended at any regular meeting of the Club by a vote of two-thirds of the members present and voting said amendment having been proposed in writing and read at a previous regular meeting.